Joost Leendertse


Joost Leendertse

Founder & CEO


The Netherlands

Joost Leendertse, 48, married and father of 4 children. An entrepreneur from the start of his career. Operating in different industries.

Started as one of the youngest market makers at the Amsterdam Option exchange, before launching what became the largest, and more importantly, the “best in class” Day care company in The Netherlands, called Kindergarden. After selling the company to Bain capital, Bright Horizons, Joost continued with investments in different companies. The largest being “All Shield”, a coating which extends the lifespan time of PVC roofs by 50 years. It has also proven to be the best fire protection. In 2014/2015 he travelled around the world for a year with his wife and children. Upon return continued to invest in numerous ventures. He also has a passion for his classic cars, where the highlight was participation in the Mille Miglia rally in Italy.

In 2018 he started building the most advanced and best model for rooftop solar. Together with a large group of experienced professionals from the magic circle companies he has created an extremely high quality standardized rooftop solar power plant model, which will provide the building owner with all the advantages without intervention to their asset management. It creates increased attractiveness and a higher value, as the tenant receives green electricity at a lower cost base. This is the VerusSol Solution.

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