Maciej Drozd


Maciej Drozd


Echo Investment

Appointed as a vice-president of Echo Investment’s board in 2015. Responsible for finance and back-office operations. In 2021 Echo Investment acquired Archicom S.A., Wrocław-based development company, and he became its Vice-President of the Supervisory Board. While introducing the Profitable Growth Strategy, he restructured the Echo Investment group . His tasks included changing the model of operation and financing of the Group – from the long-term owner of a portfolio of commercial real estate generating fixed income from rent, to a pure developer focused on fast capital turnover and generating high returns. As a result, Echo Investment has been paying dividends on a regular basis since 2016. The company is also one of the largest bond issuers in the real estate sector.

He joined Eastbridge Group in 1995, initially as the financial director of the group’s operational companies. Between July 2009 and June 2015, he was also the CFO and managing partner of Eastbridge Group.

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