KinoGram, Norblin Factory

2023 location: KinoGram, The Norblin Factory

The design of KinoGram in Norblin Factory, Warsaw, is a reflection of its industrial style and history. The interiors of the cinema rooms are maintained in a cool, artistic vintage style, reminiscent of the golden era of American studio cinemas. This stylish atmosphere is complemented by mood lighting that can be adjusted to the specific conditions of the time of day or year.
Norblin Factory mixed use scheme is on a 2 hectare site in Warsaw’s Wola district, filled with unique history. The area, which was a neglected pearl of post-industrial architecture for years, is now a vibrant new part of the city with offices, shops, restaurants, cafes, a Food Town, an eco-bazaar, a boutique cinema and an open-air museum commemorating the history of one of the largest industrial enterprises of the former Kingdom of Poland! The scheme won a ULI Global Award for Excellence in 2022 and was nominated for Best Mixed Use Scheme at MIPIM in 2023.

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